Naked Biker Babes in Wet T-Shirt Contests

Okay guys, I want to share a little secret with you here about the best place to see good looking women get drunk, naked and wild.  No, it’s not Nudes-A-Poppin although that’s a great event if you like strippers.  It’s not Mardi Gras unless you like nasty little college girls with bad attitudes.  And it’s not even Fantasy Fest although that is the best place to see the finest cosmetic surgery money can buy.  No, the best places to see good looking women getting drunk, naked and wild is adult biker parties.

I’m not talking about “Bike Night” on your local main drag where the most outrageous act is probably some guy doing a burnout.  I’m talking about the show-ID-at-the-gate, three or four day events in isolated and fenced venues where the only thing that must b worn at all times is a wristband.  The kind of event where inhibitions and liver functions are left in little boxes at the gate to be picked upon departure.

I attend several adult biker parties every year.  Each is a little different but they all feature a variety of contests where the primary objective is for women to get naked and dance around.  Thong contests, hula hoop contests, nipple size contests, wet t-shirt and no t-shirt contests, they all exist to get biker chicks naked.

What I’m going to show you here are some of my favorite naked biker babes from wet t-shirt contests.  If you’re nice I may even show you some of the Popsicle and Pickle sucking contest pics too.

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Shy Biker Girl Gets Naked in Wet T-Shirt Contest

Okay, why am I showing you pictures of this naked girl in the contest, she doesn’t even have a t-shirt?  The second part’s easy, it’s only about 50-some degrees and everyone decided that wet t-shirts would be too cold for the girls so they did a no-t contest.  But mostly I’m showing you this particular naked biker babe because she looks like the wife of a friend of mine.  He knows I shoot these events and she doesn’t.  Which is a good thing because she’s the person I know who’s the absolute least likely to be on a stage naked in front of hundreds of horny and drunk bikers.

But I appreciate this girl for doing it that night at the risk of catching a nasty cold.  Even if she’s a little shy with the mask.  Which is funny to me because she was showing the crowd every last little bit of her pussy but didn’t want to show he face.  Just one more dimension in which I don’t understand women.

In a previous post I talked about capturing all the boob job scars for high resolution posterity.  This girl is also an example of high resolution photography being an excellent means of judging the quality of pussy shaving and waxing.  It’s a little had to see in the low resolution images I have to use here to save on bandwidth but trust me, this girl had a top quality full-Brazilian going here.  And if she’s too shy to show her face she’d probably be really embarrassed to see me telling you about her smoothly waxed pussy.

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Biker Chick with Attitude Wins Wet T Contest

You don’t need to wait for nighttime for wild shit to happen at adult biker parties.  The first picture here of this girl holding up the naked biker chick from the previous post is one of my favorite wet t-shirt contest pictures.  First of all, I really wanted this girl to hold the pose so I could walk up and do nasty things to the petite girl’s exposed pussy.  Second, it shows that two naked or nearly naked girls can mess around with each other physically without anyone thinking lesbian, which is a refreshing anomaly these days.

The girl in this post won the contest, again demonstrating that attitude can triumph over a less than perfect body and less that full nudity.  It’s funny, I never noticed this girl’s sagging boobs during the contest or even while previously looking at these pictures because I remembered her for her attitude and energy.  I did remember that she didn’t show her pussy, mainly because me and all the other guys there were chanting or her to do so.  But neither apparent “defect” kept her from winning the contest.

Seriously, look at her face in these pictures.  How could you not vote for a wet-tshirt girl who’s obviously having this much fun in the middle of the afternoon?

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Petite Naked Biker Babe Enjoys Wet T-Shirt Contest

This wet t-shirt contest naked biker babe was nearly as hot as the one in my previous post and equally as petite and professional in her dancing.  And, as before, I mean professional nude dancer rather than professional ballroom dancer or the like.  And also like the girl in the previous post this one had an incredibly enthusiastic attitude bout being in the wet t-shirt contest that really got the crowd going.  This girl didn’t win, she just barely lost out to the girl in the last picture here and who’s featured in the next post.

This naked biker girl had an extremely animated face, something that’s essential for good pictures.  Most guys who don’t take pictures of naked girls think it’s about getting good shots of the tits, ass and pussy.  Actually a distressingly large number of guys who do take lots of pictures of naked girls think the same.  But it’s not tits, ass and pussy that make for good pictures.  What does make good pictures of people, young, old, naked or fully clothed, is emotion.  And emotion is expressed primarily through the face, not the tits, ass and pussy.  Yes, pussies have lips but few girls can make them smile.

So when I shoot events like this biker babe wet t-shirt contest I usually watch the girl’s faces and take my shots when I see great facial expressions.  Not always, of course, when a girl is on her hands and knees showing me her open pussy I’ll watch that but it is normally the face that makes for good pictures of naked girls.

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Hottest Ever Wet T Contest Biker Babe

This biker babe in the wet t-shirt contest was just smoking hot, one of the hottest, most intense girls I’ve ever seen in a contest.  Very exotically pretty, very petite and very professional in her dancing.  And I don’t mean professional as in the American Ballet Theatre, more like a very expensive gentlemen’s club.  Damn, these pictures were taken a couple of years ago and I’ve seen hundreds of naked biker chicks since then but I still distinctly remember the intense hotness of this girl.

She won the contest, there’s no way she could not have won.  And she did it without getting naked or really showing her pussy like most of the other girls in the wet t contest. Supporting my previous point that attitude (and hotness) is more important to winning than getting naked.

She also justifies my investment in professional equipment, including an external flash battery so I can rip of dozens of back-to-back shots.  In the fifth frame here you’ll see that she’s pulled down her bikini bottom partway to show us a little lip.  Well, the length of time she had that bikini bottom down was about equal to the length of time it just took you to read “little lip.”  But thanks to the good equipment I got the lippy shot and in focus and properly exposed.  Shooting a wide receiver as the moment the touchdown pass hits his fingers is no more difficult than getting this girl’s pussy lips.

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Attitude is Everything in Wet T-Shirt Contests

I’ve seen and photographed dozens of wet-t shirt contests at adult biker parties across the country and have seen enough to make some generalizations about the girls who win them.  The winners are not necessarily always the pretties girls, or the ones with the biggest boobs, or the ones with the tightest ass or the best dancers, or the ones who get completely naked the fastest.  No, the winners are wet t contest winners are usually the girls with the best attitudes, the ones who look like they’re having the most fun and the ones who communicate their attitude to the crowd.

This cowgirl in the straw hat had a great attitude and it showed.  She was just up here to have a good time and she fed on the crowd’s reaction.  Did she win?  I honestly don’t remember.  I don’t think she did but she could have won, even with the bolt-ons.  In any case, she was great fun to watch as she got naked and wild in the wet t-shirt contest.

And a word about those bolt-ons.  I think that over the years, between biker parties, Fantasy Fest, Mardi Gras and other public nudity events, I have amassed one of the world’s finest collections of breast enhancement surgical scars.  I’m almost always standing under stages or balconies and in a perfect position to get the full megapixels of boob job scar close-ups.

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