Petite Naked Biker Babe Enjoys Wet T-Shirt Contest

This wet t-shirt contest naked biker babe was nearly as hot as the one in my previous post and equally as petite and professional in her dancing.  And, as before, I mean professional nude dancer rather than professional ballroom dancer or the like.  And also like the girl in the previous post this one had an incredibly enthusiastic attitude bout being in the wet t-shirt contest that really got the crowd going.  This girl didn’t win, she just barely lost out to the girl in the last picture here and who’s featured in the next post.

This naked biker girl had an extremely animated face, something that’s essential for good pictures.  Most guys who don’t take pictures of naked girls think it’s about getting good shots of the tits, ass and pussy.  Actually a distressingly large number of guys who do take lots of pictures of naked girls think the same.  But it’s not tits, ass and pussy that make for good pictures.  What does make good pictures of people, young, old, naked or fully clothed, is emotion.  And emotion is expressed primarily through the face, not the tits, ass and pussy.  Yes, pussies have lips but few girls can make them smile.

So when I shoot events like this biker babe wet t-shirt contest I usually watch the girl’s faces and take my shots when I see great facial expressions.  Not always, of course, when a girl is on her hands and knees showing me her open pussy I’ll watch that but it is normally the face that makes for good pictures of naked girls.

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